Saint Avenue Named Complex Magazine 50 Black-Owned Fashion and Streetwear Brands

Complex Magazine named Saint Avenue as the top 50 Black-Owned Fashion and Streetwear Brands. 



For the past few weeks, protests have gathered across the world to fight against ongoing systemic racism and police brutality against Black people in our country. In the wake of these events, countless brands have made their stance known, some much more performative than others, with a black box popping up on their Instagram feed but not much evidence of real action. The streetwear space, in particular, has taken to releasing special product to raise money for various Black Lives Matter initiatives around the country. 

While these efforts are well and good, this difficult time has also brought to light the countless fashion brands who profit off of Black culture, but lack diversity in their offices or have failed to speak out on these issues head on. While the influence the Black community has on streetwear is undeniable, independent Black creators are still often overshadowed by others in the space. 

The 2010s have seen notable strides forward. Virgil Abloh was appointed as the first black creative director of Louis Vuitton Men’s in 2018. Brands like Abloh’s Off-White and Heron Preston’s eponymous label receive investment from New Guards Group. Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God has been a face of the streetwear-meets-luxury fashion metamorphosis. These are some of the names at the forefront, but there are plenty of other Black-owned brands that deserve recognition as well. While the total number is not limited to what is listed here, we have decided to highlight 50 Black-owned fashion brands that should be on your radar the next time you dip into your funds for some new pieces to add to the closet. Check out details for each below.


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