Saint Avenue: Complex Magazine Best Style Complex Magazine 9/20/20

The Indianapolis-based streetwear brand Saint Avenue, recently released two new capsule collections. By LaStar Jackson, the capsules are titled “I Don't See Color” and “They Can't Kill Us All.” The streetwear designer said he wanted to use his platform to address systemic prejudice and trauma that people of color face in America. 

“The new collections are another example of ownership, and not being censored when speaking on issues that effect my community and I directly on the ground floor,” says LaStar. "The titles of each collection fit what we were trying to accomplish, and that was to display diversity and inclusion, The core basis of what Saint Avenue was built upon. I want people to see the magic that humans create. No matter what color or culture, you can’t kill us all and our energy will forever prevail."

The "I Don't See Color" capsule features hoodies in 37 different colors. The "They Can't Kill Us All” capsule features graphic T-shirts and pants. Both collection s are available online now. 



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